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Community Connections

At Hawaii Youth Symphony, we are inspired by every day by the many ways in which music has touched the hearts, minds, and lives of those around us. This page tells just a fraction of these stories. 

The Inspiring Collaboration of Music and Medicine

Medical personnel, researchers, and first responders are sacrificing their health and wellbeing every day for the safety of our community. And while their bravery rarely goes unnoticed, what the public may not see are the personal lives behind the heroes, the talents and passions that fuel their lives beyond the bounds of their professions. Talents and passions like music. Learn more about them below, and be sure to check out our Summer 2020 Newsletter for these and other inspiring stories! 

HYS Stakeholder Q&A

One definition of a stakeholder is a person who “has a stake in an enterprise.” Hawaii Youth Symphony has been graced with many notable stakeholders who are invested in its past, present, and future.

Profiles of our stakeholders will be featured in HYS’ newsletters in a Q&A format led by Director of Advancement Rudy Rückmann. The profiles will include board members, faculty and staff, alumni/ae, students, community partners, and others.

Is there a professional group or community connection you’d like to see profiled in our next newsletter? Please send us a note at