Hawaii Youth Symphony

Our Summer 2020 Newsletter is here!

President’s Message

With our 55th season drawing to a close during unprecedented times, I wish to take a moment to share how incredibly proud we are of the Class of 2020. They have truly inspired us all, and we’ve enjoyed watching them grow into phenomenal musicians and passionate people. They will forge extraordinary paths based on the courage, creativity, and work ethic they have honed through music, and I can’t wait to see who they become. 

In this special edition of our newsletter, we are honored to celebrate the legacy of music educator George Wellington Sr., and our first responders who embrace the joy of music. Now more than ever, music serves as a uniting force, making us stronger, more capable human beings. I believe we especially need the leadership of young people who have thrived in the arts, and our graduates join a diverse community of respected and thoughtful trailblazers. 

We’ve received many messages of hope and comfort over the last few months, and we are so grateful to you, our community, for your moral and financial support. Although we have been taking a temporary intermission from our in-person programming, we are looking forward to the 2020-21 school year. A great many thanks to our board, faculty, staff, and supporters for their dedication and work towards helping us reimagine a new season. 

We will continue to find creative ways to make access to music education a right for all—and to keeping the joy of music thriving! 


Randy Wong, President