Learning from home? Keep your love and passion for music alive with HYS+.

HYS+ will help you practice and stay active musically from the comfort and safety of home!

Learn more about our Symphony+ and Jazz+ program tracks below!


Learn what makes music “work,” take part in interdisciplinary music projects, study orchestral repertoire with members of the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, hone extra-musical skills, connect with community leaders, and attend performances by phenomenal artists who will perform especially for HYS+.

2021-2022 season online programs are TBD!


Students will explore many forms of contemporary improvised music, practice methods, approaches, and perspectives, as well as the practical applications of music theory and ear training. Guest clinicians will include a broad range of artists, educators, and business people. Students will perform for each other (sometimes together) online as well as collaborate on remote recording projects. No prior experience improvising is required, but simply a willingness to participate and try new things!

2021-2022 season online programs are TBD!

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How do I know the online content will be level-appropriate for my child?

HYS Symphony + is recommended for middle & high school students with at least 3-4 years of large ensemble (band or orchestra) experience or private instruction and an ability to read music.
HYS Jazz+ is recommended for students ages 13-18 with at least 1 year of private instruction or equivalent. No experience improvising is needed, only a willingness to participate.

What are the age requirements for HYS+?

HYS Symphony+:
Grade 6 and ages 10-18 by 12/31/19
HYS Jazz+:
Ages 13-18 by 12/31/19

Does my child need to play a specific instrument to join HYS+?

HYS Symphony+:
Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Harp
HYS Jazz+:
Drum set, Keyboard, Bass, Electric Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet Trombone. (Exceptions may be made on an individual basis.)

When will HYS+ take place?

HYS+ 2021-2022 Season Online Programs are TBD.

Will HYS+ sessions be recorded?

Yes, HYS+ sessions will be recorded for archival purposes only.

Will recordings be available to review asynchronously?

No, recordings will not be available to review asynchronously.

My child is registered for HYS Jazz in person activities. Is HYS Jazz+ included?

Yes, students registered for HYS Jazz (Combo I and Combo II) will automatically be enrolled in HYS Jazz+. No additional registration or fee is necessary to access HYS Jazz+

I have more than one child interested in HYS+. Can they use the same log-in information?

Every student who attends HYS+ must have completed separate, individual registrations.

Can my parents, friends, sibling, etc. join me on HYS+?

Parents are welcome to observe the sessions with their child. Siblings and friends must complete their own individual registration and pay the HYS+ fee.

Will I be refunded if there's a change to HYS+ faculty or content?

No, following the first rehearsal or class, all fees are non-refundable.  If there is a change to HYS+ faculty or content, HYS will determine an appropriate substitute faculty member or class.

I don't have a printer. Can HYS send me printed materials?

Printed materials can picked up from the office. Please make an appointment through our website.

I don't have a laptop or tablet. Can HYS help me?

HYS has a limited supply of Chromebooks. Please make an appointment through our website to sign out equipment. Equipment will be available on a first come, first served basis.

When in-person activities resume, what will this mean for HYS+?

HYS+ is designed to work harmoniously with our in-person activities. A typical Sunday for a student in Symphony+ and the Symphony Program, for example, might meet online 9:30-11:00 am and in-person, 12:00-2:00. The most dedicated musicians can even do Symphony+, Symphony Program, Jazz+, and the Jazz Program and have a (very) full weekend of music!